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Barak Shoshany

Portrait de Barak Shoshany

Areas of Research:
Email: bshoshany@perimeterinstitute.ca
Phone: x8543

Barak Shoshany is a PhD student in the quantum gravity group at Perimeter Institute, under the supervision of faculty member Laurent Freidel. He graduated from the Perimeter Scholars International program with an MSc in theoretical physics. Before coming to Perimeter Institute he obtained a BSc in mathematics & physics from Tel Aviv University (Israel) and did summer internships at Weizmann Institute (Israel) and CERN (Switzerland).

Barak's research involves one of the oldest and hardest unsolved problems in physics: the quest for a theory of quantum gravity, which is the unification of quantum theory and gravity. Finding the true theory of quantum gravity is crucial for a full understanding of many of the most fundamental concepts in physics such as black holes, the origin of the universe, and spacetime itself.

Barak is currently focused on a new formulation of string theory called Metastring Theory, and in particular its relation to Relative Locality, a generalization of the principle of relativity in which the notions of spacetime and locality become observer-dependent. In his MSc thesis, he has derived the equations governing the dynamics of the metastring geometry, which are postulated to provide a new theory of gravity incorporating relative locality.

In addition to research, Barak is also interested in science communication and outreach. He participates in many outreach activities at Perimeter Institute, and in his spare time answers questions on the popular Q&A website Quora.

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To download Barak's old notes for Tel Aviv University courses (in Hebrew only), please click here.