Entanglement entropy of Wilson loops: Holography and matrix models

A half-BPS circular Wilson loop in maximally supersymmetric SU(N) Yang-Mills theory in an arbitrary representation is described by a Gaussian matrix model with a particular insertion. The additional entanglement entropy of a spherical region in the presence of such a loop was recently computed by Lewkowycz and Maldacena using exact matrix model results. In this talk I will utilise the supergravity solutions that are dual to such Wilson loops in large representations to calculate this entropy holographically. Employing the results of Gomis, Matsuura, Okuda and Trancanelli to express this holographic entanglement entropy in a matrix model language, I will demonstrate complete agreement with the formula derived by Lewkowycz and Maldacena.

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Mardi, Octobre 28, 2014 - 14:00 to 15:30
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