Insightful supersymmetry

It has
recently been realized that some studies of supersymmetric gauge theories, when
properly interpreted, lead to insights whose importance transcends
supersymmetry. I will illustrate the insightful nature of supersymmetry by two
examples having to do with the microscopic description of the thermal
deconfinement transition, in non-supersymmetric pure Yang-Mills theory and in
QCD with adjoint fermions. A host of strange ``topological" molecules will
be seen to be the major players in the confinement-deconfinement dynamics.
Interesting connections between topology, ``condensed-matter" gases of
electric and magnetic charges, and attempts to interpret the divergent
perturbation series will emerge. Much of the presentation will be aimed at

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Mercredi, Novembre 27, 2013 - 14:00 to 15:30
Lazaridis Theatre
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