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Mercredi oct 23, 2013

Perimeter Associate Faculty member Avery Broderick to explore how astronomers are now imaging the horizons of black holes and attaining new insights about these enigmatic monsters in the dark.

Lundi sep 30, 2013

Pour aider les élèves à acquérir les compétences dont ils ont besoin pour réussir au 21e siècle, l'Institut Périmètre a lancé aujourd'hui sa nouvelle ressource pédagogique Choix de carrière. 

Vendredi sep 20, 2013

Le gouverneur général découvrira en avant-première les expositions interactives qui seront présentées lors du prochain festival BrainSTEM: Your Future is Now de l'Institut Périmètre.

Lundi aoû 19, 2013

L'Institut Périmètre de physique théorique du Canada est fier d'annoncer l'horaire du festival BrainSTEM: Your Future Is Now.

Vendredi mar 15, 2013

L'Institut Périmètre de physique théorique, en Ontario, au Canada, est heureux d'annoncer le renouvellement du mandat du directeur Neil Turok, Ph. D., d'une durée de cinq ans à la direction de l'Institut.

Vendredi fév 15, 2013

A quasicrystal is an exotic state of matter with symmetries once thought to be impossible for matter. The concept was first introduced and the first examples were synthesized in the laboratory thirty years ago, but could Nature have beaten us to the punch?

Mercredi jan 16, 2013

How is a worldwide community of scientists using 16 kilometres of wide vacuum tubes to catch “ripples of space-time”? In an entirely new means of cosmic exploration, researchers at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) Scientific Collaboration are trying to detect gravitational waves – a phenomenon theorized by Einstein almost a century ago. But what will this new window to the universe mean?

Lundi nov 19, 2012

Curiosity is often said to drive science, but until the seventeenth century – the age of the so-called Scientific Revolution – it was regarded with suspicion and condemnation. What happened to liberate curiosity? Why did no question seem too vast or trivial to be ruled out of bounds? And what does the freedom to be curious really mean for science today?

Mercredi oct 17, 2012

The elusive Higgs boson particle, predicted half a century ago, was discovered this summer, capturing international attention. Why did the discovery take so long and why is it so important? And the real question, now that the Higgs has been found, what’s next for particle physics?


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