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Young Researchers Conference 2007

Conference Date: 
Lundi, Décembre 3, 2007 (All day) to Vendredi, Décembre 7, 2007 (All day)


This event provides an opportunity for  young physicists to enjoy a multidisciplinary conference, which highlights new developments in theoretical physics contributed by their peers.  The main areas of the conference are quantum information, quantum foundations, string theory, quantum gravity, cosmology and elementary particle theory.  The speakers are postdoctoral level theorists from around the world and the event is also attended by Perimeter Institute resident scientists. 


This event is open to invited attendees only. 


Edward Anderson

Brian Batell 

Gabriel Catren      

Geoffrey Compere       

Marina Cortes          

Yousef Ghazi-Tabatabai 

Tom Giblin        

Kristina Giesel           

Cynthia Keeler        

Jukka Kiukas

Johannes Kofler  

Joshua Lapan  

Antonio Marciano 

John Mason

Nicolas Menicucci

Akimasa Miyake 

Leonardo Modesto

David Morrissey

Yutaka Ookouchi 

Tomasz Paterek  

Charles Shapiro

Brian Shieh   

Louis Strigari   

Michael Trott     

Bret Underwood        

Korneel van den Broek    

Cambridge University

University of Minnesota

Centre de Recherche en Epistémologie Appliquée

University of California at Santa Barbara

University of Sussex

Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College

Yale University

Albert Einstein Institute

University of California, Berkeley

University of Turku

University of Vienna

Harvard University

CPT-CNRS, Luminy (Marseille)

University of California, Santa Cruz

Princeton University

University of Innsbruck

Istituto tecnico commeriale, Pacinotti

University of Michigan

California Institute of Technology

Austian Academy of Sciences

The University of Chicago

University of British Columbia

University of California, Irvine

University of California, San Diego

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Rutgers University