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Quantum Estimation: Theory and Practice

Conference Date: 
Lundi, Août 25, 2008 - 17:00 to Samedi, Août 30, 2008 - 17:00


The goal of this workshop is to establish the state of the art in quantum state/process estimation. Broadly known as "tomography", quantum estimation techniques are increasingly important to quantum information science. Despite their relevance, these tools are far from standardized. There is no clear consensus on a variety of issues, e.g.:


  • When tomography is needed (when are there are better alternatives?),
  • How to crunch the measurement data (linear inversion? maximum likelihood? Bayesian methods?),
  • How the final estimate -- and its error bars -- should be interpreted,
  • How to best gather data, and quantify uncertainty,
  • How to tackle large systems.


The workshop will gather together the experts -- experimentalists, theorists, mathematicians, and statisticians -- in a stimulating environment, and encourage them to identify and solve the field's outstanding problems.


Name   Affiliation
Scott  Aaronson MIT
Koenraad Audenaert Royal Holloway, University of London
Robin  Blume-Kohout Perimeter Institute 
Vladimir Buzek University of Bratislava (Slovakia)
Mauro  d'Ariano University of Pavia (IT)
Jon  Dowling LSU (Baton Rouge)
Joe  Emerson IQC (Waterloo)
Alexei  Gilchrist Macquarie University 
David  Gross Imperial College 
Alexander  Hentschel University of Calgary
Zdenek Hradil Palacky (Czech Republic)
Daniel James University of Toronto
Brian  King McMaster University
Robert  Kosut SC Solutions
Nathan Langford* Vienna
Alex  Lvovsky Calgary
Masoud  Mohseni Harvard
Mike Mosca IQC (Waterloo)
Ramon  Munoz-Tapia* Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Bill Munro* Hewlett-Packard (Bristol)
Juan-Pablo  Paz University of Buenos Aires
Kevin  Resch IQC (Waterloo)
Christian  Roos Innsbruck
Andrew  Scott Griffiths University (Brisbane)
Aephraim Steinberg University of Toronto 
Peter Turner University of Tokyo
Karol  Zyczkowski Jagiellonian University (Krakow)


Alexei Gilchrist