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PI/CITA mini-workshop (CIFAR Cosmology and Gravity Focus Group)

Conference Date: 
Vendredi, Octobre 26, 2007 (All day)
Scientific Areas: 


This is an ongoing series of meetings between researchers at Perimeter Institute and CITA . The goals of this meeting are to share new ideas and encourage interaction in our common fields of interest through a series of informal, 30-minute talks followed by discussions. 


This meeting is sponsored in part by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research.


Neal Dalal, CITA

Constrains of nongaussianity from LSS


Claudia De Rham, PI

Classical Renormalization on Codimension-two Branes


Katie Freese, PI, U. MICH

The Effect of Dark Matter on the First Stars: A New Phase of Stellar Evolution


Lev Kofman, CITA

Making and Checking Inflation


Constaninos Skordis, PI

Cosmology in generalized Bekenstein-Sanders theory


Round Table Discussion

Gravity Waves