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PI/APC Workshop on Cosmological Frontiers in Fundamental Physics

Conference Date: 
Lundi, Octobre 24, 2005 (All day) to Vendredi, Octobre 28, 2005 (All day)
Scientific Areas: 


The purpose of this informal workshop is to discuss and exchange ideas on recent developments in the interface of modern cosmology and fundamental physics. The focus will be on overview talks, each of which is allotted a 2-hour period, but the audience is expected to actively participate by asking questions and starting discussions. At the request of participants, some interventions may be in the form of short informal presentations later in the day. The overview talks will be complemented with 30-mins presentations, in a more standard seminar style.


A. Adams (Harvard) E. Adelberger (Washington)
S. Alexander (Penn State) N. Arkani-Hamed (Harvard)
A. Barvinsky (Lebedev Institute) P. Binetruy (APC)
D. Bond (CITA) L. Boyle (Princeton)
R. Brandenberger (McGill) P. Brax (Saclay)
A. Buchel (PI/Western) C. Burgess (PI/McMaster)
J. Cline (McGill) P. Creminelli (ICTP, Trieste)
K. Dasgupta (McGill) C. Deffayet (IAP, Paris)
F. Denef (Rutgers) O. Dore (CITA)
G. Dvali (NYU) R. Easther (Yale)
J. Erickson (Columbia) M. Fairbairn (Stockholm)
K. Freese (Michigan) A. Goobar (Stockholm)
J. Gray (APC) A. Guth (MIT)
T. Hertog (CERN) S. Hofmann (PI)
G. Horowitz (Santa Barbara) V. Husain (PI/New Brunswick)
M. Jackson (Fermilab) S. Kachru (Stanford)
J. Khoury (PI/MIT) M. Kleban (IAS)
L. Kofman (CITA) A. Liddle (Sussex)
E. Linder (LBL) J. Magueijo (PI/Imperial)
P. McDonald (CITA) R. Myers (PI)
A. Nicolis (Harvard) B. Ovrut (Penn)
A. Peet (Toronto) M. Peloso (Minnesota)
M. Porrati (NYU) M. Pospelov (PI/Victoria)
S. Rasanen (Oxford) G. Shiu (Wisconsin)
C. Skordis (PI) M. Sloth (Davis)
A. Tolley (Princeton) J.P. van de Schaar (Columbia)
L. Verde (Penn) A. Vilenkin (Tufts)
S. Watson (Toronto) D. Wesley (Princeton)
  O. Winkler (PI/New Brunswick) 



Jointly organized and sponsored by PI & APC; also sponsored by CIAR.