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New Frontiers in Quantum Foundations, CUPI 2011

Conference Date: 
Mercredi, Mars 9, 2011 (All day) to Vendredi, Mars 11, 2011 (All day)
Scientific Areas: 
Quantum Foundations


This year's New Frontiers in Quantum Foundations conference will be held at the Clyde V. Madren Center at Clemson University, as part of the new Clemson University-Perimeter Institute (CUPI) partnership. Click here for the official website.


After more than 80 years, the mystery surrounding quantum mechanics continues to increase. At stake is our understanding of the whole of fundamental physics, from elementary quantum phenomena such as nonlocality and contextuality, to the creation of primordial fluctuations in the early universe, as well as information loss in evaporating black holes and the problem of time in quantum gravity. The subject is being attacked from a variety of perspectives. The many recent theoretical developments include: physical axioms for quantum theory, the application of collapse theories and of de Broglie-Bohm theory to cosmology, understanding probability and classicality in the many-worlds interpretation, understanding the structure of possible hidden-variables theories, making collapse theories Lorentz invariant, reconstructing quantum theory from general probabilistic and operational frameworks, new perspectives on black-hole information loss, and progress in solving the problem of time. On the experimental side, among many developments we have: new fundamental tests such as the three-slit experiment, tests of contextuality, and remarkable fluid-mechanical analogues of elementary quantum phenomena. Some workers in these sub-categories are not fully aware of the work being done elsewhere. The aim of the conference is to bring together representatives from this wide spectrum.


Murray Daw, Clemson University