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Fundamental Issues in Cosmology

Conference Date: 
Lundi, Juin 20, 2011 (All day) to Samedi, Juillet 16, 2011 (All day)
Scientific Areas: 
Quantum Fields and Strings
Quantum Gravity


Perimeter will be hosting a month-long program focused on addressing fundamental issues in cosmology, eg, the nature of the big-bang, the initial conditions and fate of the universe. The program will bring together leading researchers working in cosmology, string theory and quantum gravity to work together on these topics. The program will include two conferences:


Holographic Cosmology v2.0

June 21-24, 2011

Challenges for Early Universe Cosmology

July 12-16, 2011


In particular, outside participants are encouraged to apply for the end conference before May 31. During the two weeks between these meetings, Perimeter will be hosting a number visiting researchers working in an informal workshop atmosphere.



Researchers listed here will be participating in the informal workshop period. See the conference webpages for a complete listing of the participants in those meetings.


Andreas Albrecht, University of California, Davis, June 1 - July 31

Nima Arkani Hamed, Institute for Advanced Study, June 26 - July 17 

Jose Juan Blanco-Pillado, Tufts University, July 3 - July 17

Adam Brown, Princeton University, June 20 - July 17

Xi Dong, Stanford University, June 20 - July 9

Ben Freivogel, MIT, June 20 - July 1, July 11 - 16

Alan Guth, MIT, July 5 - July 16

Daniel Harlow, Stanford University, June 20 - July 17

Patrick Hayden, McGill University, June 22 - June 29

Justin Khoury, University of Pennsylvania, July 4 - July 17

Jean-Luc Lehners, Albert Einstein Institute, June 28 - July 16

Stefan Leichenauer, University of California, Berkeley, June 20 - July 17

Don Page, University of Alberta, July 4 - July 17

Michael Salem, Stanford University, June 20 - July 17

Yasuhiro Sekino, Okayama Institute for Quantum Physics, June 19 - July 17

Ben Shlaer, Tufts University, June 27 - July 16

Douglas Stanford, Stanford University, June 20 - July 17

Leonard Susskind, Stanford University, June 13 - July 15

Vitaly Vanchurin, Standford University,July 3 - July 17

I-Sheng Yang, Columbia University, June 20 - July 1, July 11 - July 17