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We were also delighted to welcome as new faculty members Guifre Vidal and Sung-Sik Lee, who
are helping to make Perimeter a new force in condensed matter physics. Guifre is a world leader
in the application of quantum information concepts to the study of quantum entanglement in
condensed matter systems. And Sung-Sik is a pioneer of the application of advanced concepts
such as holography to the description of real quantum systems.
Philip Schuster and Natalia Toro, two of the brightest young talents in particle physics, are building
Perimeter’s links to the watershed experiments now underway at the Large Hadron Collider and
other leading laboratories. Next year, they will be joined by several more outstanding junior faculty
recruits: Itay Yavin (in particle physics), Avery Broderick (in black hole astrophysics), and Bianca
Dittrich (in quantum gravity).
Eight senior theorists from around the world accepted visiting Distinguished Research Chairs
at Perimeter: James Bardeen, Ganapathy Baskaran, James Gates, Gerard ’t Hooft, Frans
Pretorius, Eva Silverstein, Paul Steinhardt, and Senthil Todadri. They join Perimeter’s 19 current
DRCs. Collectively, they represent an incredible array of scientific expertise and will, no doubt,
enormously enrich our research community.
We were extremely pleased to receive a major grant of $2 million from the John Templeton
Foundation, to build a major new program linking several of our most ambitious frontier areas of
research: quantum foundations and information, foundations of cosmology, and emergence of
Inside, the new SHC is deliberately playful, with unexpected angles and sightlines, bold shots
of colour, and stunning overviews of Silver Lake. Already, we researchers are enjoying working
together in its think spaces, scribbling on the specially treated “transparent boards,” and working
in our offices in full view of the outside world. It is a glimpse of the excitement of physics made
It is a great pleasure to see the new building named for Stephen Hawking, my friend and colleague.
Stephen is an icon in our field: he is as inspiring as his research is ambitious. By naming our new
wing in his honour, we pledge ourselves to that ambition and inspiration. Within the Stephen
Hawking Centre, we hope to train the future leaders of our field. We will also inform, educate, and
excite millions of people about the power of physics. And we will do ambitious research into the
deepest questions in physics, combining intellectual daring with uncompromising rigour.
We look to change the world.
– Neil Turok