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Perimeter partnered with the following Canadian and international organizations to support
scientific events and activities:
Ontario Association of Physics Teachers, OAPT Conference 2010
Waterloo Wellington Science & Engineering Fair, WWSEF 2011
Association pour la Promotion Scientifique de l’Afrique, “Afrique: le choix de la science, l’exemple
de l’initiative AIMS” conference
Science Expo
Canadian Association of Physicists, CAP Award for Excellence in Teaching High School
University of Alberta, Lake Louise Winter Institute
Youth Science Canada, International Summer School for Young Physicists Award
Ontario Association of Physics Teachers, OAPT Conference 2011
TRIUMF, “Physics at the Dawn of the LHC Era” workshop
York University, “PI-ATLAS LHC Day”
University of Lethbridge, African science conference bursary
The Banff Centre, Science Communications Program Scholarship
University of Waterloo, “Black Holes VIII” conference
Clemson University, “New Frontiers in Quantum Foundations, CUPI 2011" conference
The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, “Connections in Geometry and
Physics 2011” conference
University of Victoria, “From Black Holes to Hydrodynamics: a Symposium Celebrating the 80
Birthday of Werner Israel”
University of Sherbrooke, “11
Canadian Summer School on Quantum Information”
University of Waterloo, “31
International Workshop on Bayesian Inference and Maximum Entropy
Methods in Science and Engineering”
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