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Times are hard and in such times it’s tempting to think small. Our partners are leading the way
by thinking big.
At Perimeter, we’re also thinking big and building strategically for the future. The bold, asymmetric
lines of the just-completed Stephen Hawking Centre embody this. Here, some of the brightest
talents in the field will be trained and do research, looking at the universe from entirely new
angles, in spaces designed to be stimulating. In the Sky Room, the circular skylight encourages
all to look beyond the usual horizons.
Many people work to expand Perimeter’s horizons. As Chair of Perimeter’s Board, I’d like to
express my gratitude to Don Campbell, who retired this year after seven years of wise guidance
and truly dedicated service on the Board. I would also like to welcome new Board member
Barbara Palk, who recently retired as President of TD Asset Management Inc. and is a trustee of
Queen’s University. Lastly, I wish to thank members of Perimeter’s Leadership Council for their
generous support and their committed efforts to widen our circle of friends throughout Canada
and beyond.
Perimeter is truly a shared enterprise – all of us have a stake in it and all will share in the fruits of
the breakthroughs that I have no doubt will happen here. Together, we’re building an engine of
discovery, which will power game-changing ideas and technologies. There’s a feeling in the air
that the boxes are opening − and what’s inside is amazing.
– Mike Lazaridis
“This visionary place, and the people who enable it to thrive, are
models to be emulated as we strive to strengthen a quality of life
for all Canadians that is second to none.... This organization is
a place of boundless potential.... That is why the Government
of Canada has steadfastly supported the work of the Perimeter
− The Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance