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Perimeter Institute exists through a cooperative and highly successful public-private partnership
that provides for ongoing operations while safeguarding future opportunities.
New funding commitments of $50 million from the Government of Canada ending March 31,
2017 and $50 million from the Government of Ontario ending July 31, 2021 reinforce Perimeter’s
strong collaboration with public partners and the value they see in investing in the Institute.
While the most recent multi-year government commitments totalling $100 million demonstrate
that the Institute is perceived by government as an excellent investment, no guarantees of future
funding beyond the above commitments exist.
Perimeter Institute is also seeking to expand its sources of funds from the private sector through
an ambitious advancement initiative designed to raise yearly operating funds for the Institute, as
well as double long-term endowment assets over the coming years.
Private sector donations are either utilized as contributions towards operational expenditures or
are protected in an endowment fund, in accordance with donor requests. The endowment fund
is designed to maximize growth and minimize risk in order to contribute to the strongest possible
long-term financial health of the Institute. Although the endowment is invested in a diversified
portfolio and managed by an active investment committee of experts, market values do vary
over time.