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Mike Lazaridis, O.C., O.Ont.
Council Co-Chair
Founder and Chair, Board of Directors, Perimeter Institute
Board Vice-Chair and Chair, Innovation Committee, Research in Motion Ltd.
Cosimo Fiorenza
Council Co-Chair
Vice-Chair, Board of Directors, Perimeter Institute
Vice-President and General Counsel, Infinite Potential Group
Alexandra (Alex) Brown
President, Aprilage Inc.
David Caputo
Co-Founder, President and CEO, Sandvine
Savvas Chamberlain, C.M.
CEO and Chairman, Exel Research Inc.
Jim Cooper
President and CEO, Maplesoft
Catherine A. (Kiki) Delaney, C.M.
President, C.A. Delaney Capital Management Ltd.
Arlene Dickinson
CEO, Venture Communications Ltd.
Ginny Dybenko
Executive Director – Stratford Campus, University of Waterloo
H. Garfield Emerson, Q.C.
Principal, Emerson Advisory
Edward S. Goldenberg
Partner, Bennett Jones LLP
Tim Jackson
CEO, Accelerator Centre
Tom Jenkins, O.C.
Executive Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, Open Text Corporation
Farsad Kiani
President and CEO, The Ensil Group of Companies
Carol A. Lee
Co-Founder and CEO, Linacare Cosmetherapy Inc.
Michael Lee-Chin, O.J.
Executive Chairman and CEO, Portland Investment Counsel Inc.
Don Morrison
Gerry Remers
President and COO, Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc.
Bruce M. Rothney, C.A.
President and Country Head, Canada, Barclays Capital Canada Inc.
Maureen J. Sabia, O.C.
Chairman of the Board, Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd.
Kevin Shea
Chair, Ontario Media Development Corporation
Savvas Chamberlain is a scientist and inventor who
turned his deep expertise in CCD image sensors (the
kind of sensors inside high-end digital cameras) into
a company called DALSA. Today, DALSA is part of
Teledyne, and is a global leader in high performance
imaging and semiconductors. DALSA’s image
sensors are used around the world, from postal
sorting halls to hospital X-ray suites – they’re even
inside NASA’s Mars Rovers.
It wouldn’t have happened without physics: CCDs, a
type of semiconductor, were invented by theoretical
physicists Willard Boyle (a Canadian) and George
Smith from Bell Labs, who were awarded the 2009
Nobel Prize for their work. The connection is even
deeper, as CCDs rely on the photoelectric effect,
described by Albert Einstein in 1905.
“The work I’ve done in my career has been at the
cutting edge of technology – and I am aware that not
so long ago the science behind it was just math and
sketches on a chalkboard,” says Chamberlain. “I am
eager to see what today’s chalkboards will look like
when they too come to life.”
Savvas Chamberlain and his wife, Christine, are
among Perimeter’s donors, and Savvas is a new
member of the Perimeter Leadership Council.