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Last year, Perimeter offered assistance in planning and launching
the new AIMS-Sénégal centre and helped to attract major support
from private and public institutions in Canada and abroad. The
governments of Sénégal and Ghana have each provided more than
$1 million dollars in support, plus land donations for new centres in
their respective countries. Perimeter also helped secure $2 million
from Google and over $1 million from Canadian universities and the
private sector for student scholarships through the “One for Many”
Perimeter Scholars International graduate Bruno Le Floch (standing) teaching
at AIMS-South Africa
AIMS has transformed the lives of hundreds
of scholars – not only the Africans who have
graduated from the program, but also the
international scientists who have taught and
mentored there. Here are just two stories of the
last year:
Esra Khaleel, who grew up in Darfur, a Sudanese
city dominated by war and poverty, spent a year
at the AIMS centre in South Africa and is now
completing a PhD in nuclear physics.
Bruno Le Floch, a graduate of Perimeter’s PSI
program, decided to spend a year in South Africa
tutoring AIMS students before starting his PhD.
Many of the students he met have difficult pasts
but bright futures. Their stories have become part
of his education – something he couldn’t have
experienced anywhere else.
In 2010, AIMS-NEI and Director Neil Turok
were honoured with the 2010 World Innovation
Summit for Education (WISE) Award, which
recognizes initiatives that have transformative
educational impact.
Professor Vincent Rivasseau, President of the AIMS-Sénégal Foundation,
University of Ottawa President Allan Rock, and Perimeter Director Neil Turok sign
“One for Many” agreement which will provide scholarships for AIMS students.