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For online explorers, Perimeter’s Outreach website is a treasure trove. Alice and Bob in
Wonderland, a series of short animations, shows how deceptively simple questions lead to
deep science, emphasizing the importance of curiosity and critical thinking for younger viewers.
Interactive and immersive features like The Power of Ideas explore some of the universe’s deepest
mysteries as fun and compelling stories. In 2010-11, in addition to enhancing online materials,
Outreach expanded its use of social media and held several webinars in order to engage as many
people in as many ways as possible.
The search for life on other planets. The latest dispatches from the quantum world. The impact
of revolutions in space, nuclear, genetic, and computing technology. These were just a few of the
subjects covered in eight fascinating and accessible talks in Perimeter’s flagship Public Lecture
Series, presented by Sun Life Financial, in 2010-11. Featuring luminaries like Sir Roger Penrose,
Frank Wilczek, and Freeman Dyson, the lectures consistently draw capacity crowds of over 600.
Public Lectures and other content, such as the Institute’s full-length documentary on quantum
science, The Quantum Tamers: Revealing Our Weird & Wired Future, are broadcast on public
television through a strategic partnership with TVO. Lectures are also available for download on
Perimeter’s and TVO’s websites, and through iTunes University. In fact, TVO’s most-downloaded
science podcast last year was “Quantum Life,” a lecture given by MIT scientist Seth Lloyd on the
fascinating ways that nature appears to harness quantum phenomena in living systems.
The Waterloo Global Science Initiative (WGSI) is an independently funded, non-profit partnership
between Perimeter Institute and the University of Waterloo. Founded in 2009, WGSI’s mandate
is to present a biennial event illuminating scientific and technological solutions to key challenges.
In June 2011, Perimeter hosted the Equinox Summit: Energy 2030, which brought together
scientists, next-generation leaders, policy experts, and entrepreneurs to discuss potential
solutions for electricity production, storage, and distribution. At its conclusion, participants
assembled a shortlist of potentially transformative technologies and a roadmap to a lower-
carbon, more electrified future. These will be expanded into the Equinox Blueprint, and presented
to international science and technology leaders in industry and government.
Over 160 public lectures, 3 Inspirations and 3 Explorations
modules, 37 Virtual ISSYP sessions, and 32 Meet a Scientist
interviews are all available online at
The production of the new Inspirations module,
Revolutions in Science, was supported by The
Cowan Foundation.