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Many researchers received national and international recognition for their work in
2010-11. Notable among these were the following:
• Distinguished Research Chair Yakir Aharonov was awarded the highest honour bestowed
on scientists by the United States government, the National Medal of Science, presented by
President Barack Obama in November 2010
• Distinguished Research Chair Sandu Popescu won the John Stewart Bell Prize for his
enormous contributions to the field of quantum mechanics
• Distinguished Research Chair Leo Kadanoff was awarded the 2011 Isaac Newton Medal of
the Institute of Physics “for inventing conceptual tools that reveal the deep implications of
scale invariance on the behaviour of phase transitions and dynamical systems”
• Faculty member Freddy Cachazo won the 2011 Rutherford Memorial Medal in Physics from
the Royal Society of Canada, which honours outstanding research in any branch of physics
by younger scientists
• Faculty member Lee Smolin and Associate Faculty member Richard Cleve were inducted as
Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada
• Associate Faculty member Niayesh Afshordi won the Professor M. K. Vainu Bappu Gold
Medal from the Astronomical Society of India (ASI) for his contributions to our understanding
of the dark universe
• Associate Faculty member Luis Lehner was elected as a Fellow of the American Physical
Society for his “important contributions to numerical relativity, most notably in the areas
of black hole simulations, general relativistic magnetohydrodynamics, and algorithm
• Associate Faculty member Luis Lehner was named a Fellow of the Canadian Institute for
Advanced Research (CIFAR) Cosmology and Gravitation program
• Director Neil Turok and Faculty member Lee Smolin were awarded a $2 million grant from
the John Templeton Foundation to create a new program, The Templeton Frontiers Program
at Perimeter Institute
• Associate Faculty member Luis Lehner was awarded a Discovery Accelerator Supplement
(DAS) from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) of
$120,000 (2011-2014), in addition to a core grant of $280,000 over five years (2011-2016)
• Associate Faculty member Cliff Burgess was awarded an NSERC Discovery Grant of
$375,000 (2010-2015), within the top tier of awards given to theorists in subatomic physics
Detail of “Branch,” Shirley Wiitasalo, 1994, Perimeter Institute Collection.