Emmy Noether Visiting Fellowships

Amalie Emmy Noether, an influential German mathematician known for her ground-breaking contributions to abstract algebra and theoretical physics, was regarded by Albert Einstein as the most important woman in the history of mathematics.

In honour of Noether’s genius and legacy, Perimeter Institute invites applications for Emmy Noether Visiting Fellowships from outstanding theoretical physicists who wish to pursue research at the institute while on leave from their faculty positions at home institutes.

Perimeter Institute promotes an inclusive, welcoming culture and a family-friendly workplace. The Emmy Noether Fellowships are central to Perimeter Institute's initiatives to support female physicists.

The Fellowship provides financial and organizational support for relocation, which may include some or all of the following:

  • teaching buyouts
  • salary support or top-up
  • meals and ground transportation
  • accommodation
  • return transportation and research related-travel
  • reimbursement as required for child care

Applicants may specify their requirements on the application form.

Emmy Noether Visiting Fellowships provide opportunities to pursue your research in a dynamic, multi-disciplinary environment. Fellows are encouraged to collaborate, take part in workshops, conferences Perimeter Scholars International Masters Program, and enjoy the productive atmosphere and amenities of Perimeter’s award-winning facility in Waterloo, Ontario

Emmy Noether Visiting Fellowships are held for periods of up to one year. Early-career faculty-level scientists are especially encouraged to apply.

Applications for Emmy Noether Visiting Fellowships are now being accepted. The deadline for applications is January 15, 2015.

Apply online

If you require additional information or have questions please contact Christina Bouda, Recruitment Specialist, People & Culture Department. This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it. Phone inquiries can be made at 519-569-7600 Ext. 6091.