Small Scale Structure of Dark Matter

Conference Date: 
Friday, June 6, 2008 (All day) to Sunday, June 8, 2008 (All day)


The nature of Dark Matter is one of the deepest mysteries in our understanding of modern physics, which is why various experiments, ranging from gamma ray/neutrino observatories to many direct detection experiments are designed to seek direct/indirect signatures of dark matter in the Universe. However, any comparison between the findings of these experiments with theoretical models would require an understanding of the structure of CDM on very small scales, which is very hard to model using numerical or analytic techniques.  


This workshop aims to bring together the experts in modeling, simulations and observations of the small scale structure of dark matter, with the purpose of finding a consensus on the structure of dark matter distribution, beyond the resolution of N-body simulations, as well as the most interesting observables that we should seek to theoretically understand, in the run-up to the upcoming experiments/observations.


Gary Angus, University of St. Andrews

Andrew Benson, CalTech

Gienfranco Bertone, IAP

Neal Dalal, CITA

Juerg Diemand, UCO/Lick Observatory

Greg Dobler, Harvard University 

Pascal  Elahi, Queen's University

Liang Gao Durham University 

Paolo Gondolo, University of Utah

Anne  Green,  University of Nottingham

Manoj Kaplinghat, University of Californa, Irvine

Michael  Kuhlen,  IAS

Roya Mohayaee, IAP

Jim Peebles, Princeton University 

Lidia Pier,i University of Padova

Robyn Sanderson,  MIT

Louie Strigari, UC-Irvine

Mark Vogelsberger, Max-Planck-Institute 

Beth Willman, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Andrew Zentner, University of Pittsburgh

Kathryn Zurek, University of Wisconsin-Madison