Quantum Computing-Quantum Information-Quantum Gravity: Towards a unification of the concepts of information and evolution

Conference Date: 
Monday, February 23, 2004 (All day) to Wednesday, February 25, 2004 (All day)


People searching for fundamental models for quantum gravity tend more and more to think in terms of "information" and try to formulate the dynamics in terms of flow of such information. It would thus be interesting to confront their point of view with the concept of quantum information developed by researchers in the context of quantum mechanics. On the other hand, quantum computing deals with processing quantum information and appears as an appealing way to study dynamics in quantum gravity: it would be very tempting to simulate regions of a quantum universe by a quantum computer. Indeed, it appears that the three areas use common mathematical tools (e.g. causal sets, topological field theories, spin networks or holonomies), so that a meeting between QC-QI-QG is an opportunity to discover methods and interpretations used in the different subjects and should be the scene of constructive interactions between researchers.


The goal of the workshop is therefore to bring together leaders in those different fields to share their approaches and results, draw connections between research efforts, develop a broader perspective on the issues, focus on outstanding problems, foster an interactive community, and set objectives for future research.