PI-CITA Day May 2009

Conference Date: 
Tuesday, May 19, 2009 (All day)


This PI/CITA Day will take place at CITA.


This is an ongoing series of meetings between researchers at Perimeter Institute and CITA. The goals of this meeting is to share new ideas and encourage interaction in our common fields of interest through a series of informal talks followed by discussions.



11:15 AM Coffee Break and Snacks

11:30 AM Federico Piazza (PI) "Scale invariant spectrum and rapidly varying speed of sound" 

12:10 PM Jens Chluba (CITA) "The Cosmological Recombination Radiation and What One May Learn by Observing it"

12:50 PM Lunch

1:30 PM Neil Turok (PI) "A holographic bounce"

2:10 PM Neil Barnaby (CITA) "Nongaussian Fluctuations from IR Cascading During Inflation"

2:50 PM Coffee Break

3:30 PM Thorsten Battefeld (Princeton) "Multi-Field Inflation on the Landscape"

4:10 PM Doron Chelouche (CITA) "What's Between, Axions, Magnetars, and Prisms?"

4:50 PM Finish

5:00 PM Food and Drink




Also funded in part by the Cosmology and Gravity Program of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research.