Conference Date: 
Wednesday, May 11, 2011 (All day) to Thursday, May 12, 2011 (All day)
Scientific Areas: 
Particle Physics


PI-ATLAS LHC Days are an ongoing series of meetings between researchers working on LHC-related physics in southwestern Ontario. The goal of these meetings is to share new ideas and encourage interaction in our common fields of interest through a series of informal talks followed by discussions. This meeting will gather experimental and theoretical particle physicists focused on early physics opportunities during the run of the LHC.


The structure of this joint experiment-theory meeting is going to be discussion sessions  instead of a succession of talks. During the discussion sessions, theorists and experimentalists will discuss ideas for new analysis, and reformatting existing analysis in terms of new scenarios. We also want to use this meeting as an opportunity to gather together the Canada-Pheno community.


We will start the afternoon of May 11 with two opening talks: Experimental talk on LHC status addressing the coming challenges with higher luminosity, such as pile-up, and an Opening theory talk, a review the winter conferences results and suggestions of analysis that could have been done with that data. This would open the discussion on 'what's missing?'


After those opening talks, we will begin the discussion sessions. The session will start with a 25 minute experimental talk on the subject and then a moderator (theorist) will start the dialogue with the audience. The subjects will be around the physics that can be done with this year's data:


  1. Theorist-friendly ways to present experimental limits.
  2. Resonances on dileptons and tops.
  3. Heavy Higgs physics and what one can hide behind it, including diboson resonances and VBF.
  4. New physics in tops.
  5. Quirky stuff:  CHAMPS, R-hadrons, displaced vertex...
  6. SUSY-like searches.


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