It from Qubit Summer School

Conference Date: 
Monday, July 18, 2016 (All day) to Friday, July 29, 2016 (All day)
Scientific Areas: 
Quantum Fields and Strings
Quantum Gravity
Quantum Information


In recent years, compelling evidence has emerged that information theory provides a powerful way to structure our thinking about quantum gravity and quantum field theory. In turn, fundamental physics provides new classes of fascinating questions for quantum information theorists to address.

In spite of these exciting developments, high energy physics and quantum information theory remain distinct disciplines and communities, separated by significant barriers to communication and collaboration. This school has been organized by the "It from Qubit" Simons Collaboration to promote communication and learning between the two research communities. In particular, we strongly encourage applications from interested students and junior researchers whose background is limited to either of the two fields but who are interested in reaching across disciplinary boundaries.  The school will include both lectures and hands-on tutorials.

Courses will cover a full range from basic to advanced topics, including:

The school will be held concurrently with a workshop of the "It from Qubit" Simons Collaboration. Advanced students will have the opportunity to attend the seminars organized for the workshop. 

Registration for this event is now closed.

Sponsorship for this event has been provided by:

Summer School Lecturers:

  • Dorit Aharonov, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Horacio Casini, Centro Atomico Bariloche
  • Daniel Gottesman, Perimeter Institute
  • Daniel Harlow, Harvard University
  • Thomas Hartman, Cornell University
  • Patrick Hayden, Stanford University
  • Veronika Hubeny, University of Califonia, Davis
  • Stephen Jordan, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Mukund RangamaniUniversity of Califonia, Davis
  • Robert Spekkens, Perimeter Institute
  • Douglas Stanford, Institute for Advanced Study
  • Guifre Vidal, Perimeter Institute
  • John Watrous, University of Waterloo & IQC


  • Scott Aaronson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Aysha Abdel-Aziz, Stanford University
  • Nima Afkhami-Jeddi, Cornell University
  • Cesar Agon, Brandeis University
  • Dorit Aharonov, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Aida Ahmadzadegan, University of Waterloo & Macquarie University
  • Alvaro Alhambra, University College London
  • Tibra Ali, Perimeter Institute
  • Natacha Altamirano, Perimeter Institute
  • Valentina Baccetti, Macquarie University
  • Audrey Bagrov, Radboud University
  • Vijay Balasubramanian, University of Pennsylvania
  • Ning Bao, California Institute of Technology
  • Matt Beach, University of British Columbia
  • Alice Bernamonti, Perimeter Institute
  • Fernando Brandao, California Institute of Technology
  • Daniel Brod, Perimeter Institute
  • Pablo Bueno, KU Leuven
  • Nele Callebaut, Columbia University
  • Joan Camps. University of Cambridge
  • Pawel Caputa, NORDITA
  • John Cardy, University of California, Berkeley
  • Dean Carmi, Perimeter Institute
  • Horacio Casini, Centro Atomico Bariloche
  • Shira Chapman, Perimeter Institute
  • Lin-Qing Chen, Perimeter Institute
  • Christina Cirstoiu, Imperial College London
  • Joshua Combes, Perimeter Institute
  • Jordan Cotler, Stanford University
  • Matthew Coudron, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Jason Crann, University of Waterloo
  • Shawn Cui, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Timothy de Jonckhere, Free University of Brussels
  • Anton de la Fuente, University of Maryland
  • Giuseppe Di Molfetta, IFIC - Universitat de Valencia
  • Dawei Ding, Stanford University
  • Xi Dong, Institute for Advanced Study
  • Netta Engelhardt, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Adrian Franco-Rubio, Perimeter Institute
  • Zicao Fu, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Cohl Furey, Cambridge University
  • Damian Galante, Perimeter Institute
  • Federico Galli, Perimeter Institute
  • Simon Gentle, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Hrant Gharibyan, Stanford University
  • Yan Gobeil, McGill University
  • Daniel Gottesman, Perimeter Institute
  • Brianna Grado-White, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Stephen Green, Perimeter Institute
  • Tarun Grover, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics
  • Felix Haehl, Durham University
  • Daniel Harlow, Harvard University
  • Thomas Hartman, Cornell University
  • Patrick Hayden, Stanford University
  • Matthew Headrick, Brandeis University
  • Ashwin Hedge, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Michal Heller, Perimeter Institute
  • Eliot Hijano, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Philipp Hoehn, Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information
  • Timothy Hsieh, Kavali Institute for Theoretical Phyics
  • Qi Hu, Perimeter Institute
  • Kuo-Wei Huang, Stony Brook University
  • Veronika Hubeny, University of Califonia, Davis
  • Ling Yan Hung, Fudan University
  • Nick Hunter-Jones, California Institute of Technology
  • Ali Izadi Rad, University of British Columbia
  • Ted Jacobson, University of Maryland
  • Robert Jefferson, University of Amsterdam
  • Tomas Jochym-O'Connor, University of Waterloo
  • Robert Jonsson, University of Waterloo
  • Stephen Jordan, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Daniel Kapec, Harvard University
  • Arjun Kar, University of Pennsylvania
  • Adrian Kent, University of Cambridge
  • Isaac Kim, California Institute of Technology
  • Jason Koeller, Univeristy of California, Berkeley
  • Dax Koh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Ryszard Kostecki, Perimeter Institute,
  • Shauna Kravac, University of California, San Diego
  • Aleksander KubicaCalifornia Institute of Technology
  • David Kubiznak, Perimeter Institute
  • Lampros Lamprou, Stanford University
  • Jaehoon Lee, University of British Columbia
  • Debbie Leung, University of Waterloo & IQC
  • Aitor Lewkowyez, Princeton University
  • Jie Lin, University of Waterloo
  • Simon Loewe, Cornell University
  • Matteo Lostaglio, Imperial College London
  • Benjamin Lovitz, University of Waterloo
  • Javier Martinez Magan, Utrecht University
  • Raghu Mahajan, Stanford University
  • Juan Maldacena, Institute for Advanced Study
  • Alexander Maloney, McGill University
  • Donald Marolf, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Henry Maxfield, McGill University
  • Alex May, University of British Columbia
  • Sam McCandlish, Stanford University
  • Lauren McGough, Princeton University
  • Marco Meineri, Perimeter Institute
  • Mark Mezei, Princeton University
  • Eric Mintun, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Masamichi Miyaji, Kyoto University
  • Markus Mueller, Perimeter Institute & University of Western Ontario
  • Robert Myers, Perimeter Institute
  • Gim Seng Ng, McGill University
  • Yuezhen Niu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Masahiro Nozaki, University of Chicago
  • Hirosi Ooguri, California Institute of Technology
  • Jonathan Oppenheim, University College London
  • Maria Papageorgiou, Perimeter Institute
  • Onkar Parrikar, University of Illinois
  • Fernando Pastawski, California Institute of Technology
  • Geoffrey Penington, Stanford University
  • Roji Pius, Perimeter Institute
  • Nicholas Pomata, Stony Brook University
  • Diego Pontello, Centro Atómico Bariloche
  • Sandu Popescu, University of Bristol
  • John Preskill, California Institute of Technology
  • Xiaoliang Qi, Stanford University
  • Charles Rabideau, Univesity of British Columbia
  • Djordje Radicevic, Stanford University
  • Mukund RangamaniUniversity of Califonia, Davis
  • Pratik Rath, Perimeter Institute
  • Renato Renner, ETH Zurich
  • Jess Riedel, Perimeter Institute
  • Julian Rincon, Perimeter Institute
  • Daniel Roberts, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Massimiliano (Max) Rota, Durham University
  • Shinsei Ryu, University of Illinois
  • Philip Saad, Stanford University
  • Burak Sahinoglu, University of Vienna
  • Grant Salton, Stanford University
  • Fabio Sanches, University of California, Berkeley
  • Krishan Saraswat, University of British Columbia
  • Gabor Sarosi, Budapest University of Technology and Economics 
  • Volkher Scholz, Ghent University
  • Stephen Shenker, Stanford University
  • Milind Shyani, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Ralph Silva, University of Geneva
  • Eva Silverstein, Stanford University
  • Sang-Jin Sin, Hanyang University
  • Alexander Smith, University of Waterloo & Macquarie University
  • Robert Spekkens, Perimeter Institute
  • Antony Speranza, University of Maryland
  • Douglas Stanford, Institute for Advanced Study
  • Bogdan Stoica, California Institute of Technology
  • Alexandre Streicher, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Josephine Suh, University of British Columbia
  • Leonard Susskind, Stanford University
  • Brian Swingle, Stanford University
  • Tadashi Takayanagi, Kyoto University
  • Eduardo Teste Lino, Centro Atomico Bariloche / Balseiro Institute
  • Kevin Thompson, Harvard University
  • Gonzalo Torroba, Centro Atómico Bariloche 
  • Ioannis Tsiares, McGill University
  • Mark van Raamsdonk, University of British Columbia
  • Guillaume Verdon-Akzam, University of Waterloo
  • Ruben Verresen, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems
  • Guifre Vidal, Perimeter Institute
  • Michael Walter, Stanford University
  • Chenjie Wang, Perimeter Institute
  • Jian Wang, University of Michigan
  • Yihong Wanng, Stonybrook University
  • Kento Watanbe, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics
  • John Watrous, University of Waterloo & Institute for Quantum Computing
  • Silke Weinfurtner, University of Nottingham
  • Jason Wien, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Jie-qiang Wu, Peking University
  • Shai Wyborski, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Shuo Yang, Perimeter Institute
  • Zhao Yang, Stanford University
  • Beni Yoshida, Perimeter Institute
  • Henry Yuen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Ying Zhao, Stanford University
  • Yechao (Elton) ZhuMassachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Claire Zukowski, Columbia University

If you are an invited speaker to this event, Perimeter Institute staff will contact you to coordinate ground transportation arrangements on your behalf.

If you need transportation while attending the conference, we offer suggestions below. If flying, we suggest that you book your flight to arrive at Toronto International Airport (YYZ) or the Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF).

Boulevard Limousine (estimated travel time 1hr) The fare for Boulevard Limousine for one passenger is $118.00 to the Toronto Airport.  The fare for one passenger from the Toronto Airport to Waterloo is $133.00.  To make reservations, please visit their website or call 519-886-8090.

Airways Transit (estimated travel time 1hr) Airways Transit connects Toronto (Pearson), Hamilton (Munro), and Region of Waterloo International Airports with the Kitchener-Waterloo area by providing 24 hour shared ride door-to-door service.

For Toronto Pearson airport transfers we have obtained a reduced conference rate of $69.00 per person, one way, tax included.  Advance reservations are required and travel dates must correspond to the event dates (July 16 to 31) to qualify for the reduced fare. 

Book online at:  
Enter booking code: QUBIT 2016 (enter exactly as shown). 
By phone 24 hrs.:  519 886 2121 - identify yourself as a Qubit delegate.  

0001 Toronto Cabs (estimated travel time 1hr)  Approximately $160.00 rate for one-way: Toronto International Airport to Waterloo. Call 416-809-5656. 
Note: One or more passengers can split this $160.00 rate.

Car Rentals Upon arrival in any of the terminals at Pearson International Airport there are a number of car rental agencies to choose from. Their booths are located on the arrivals level. The cost of a car rental is dependent upon the type of vehicle you would like and the length of the stay. 

Driving Directions 

  • From the airport, follow signs for Highway 427 South/Highway 401.  
  • Continue to follow signs for Highway 401 West - London.  
  • Proceed West on Highway 401.  
  • Exit Highway 401 at Highway 8 West.  
  • Take exit 278 (Highway 8 West) and follow 8 West for 5 km to Highway 85, towards Highway 7 East. 
  • Proceed on Highway 85 for 5 km to Bridgeport Road exit. Turn right at the off-ramp, traveling west.  
  • Follow Bridgeport Road for 2 km into downtown Waterloo.  
  • Bridgeport is a four-lane one-way road. It becomes Caroline Street at Albert Street. Continue straight ahead.  
  • Travel forward another 200 metres, but ease over into the right-hand lane. As you go down a hill and around a curve, look for the green Perimeter Institute sign on the right hand side. The parking lot entrance is just after the sign (past the historic grist mill that sits on the edge of Silver Lake).  
  • Turn right into the PI parking lot entrance

Parking is not available at Perimeter Institute. If you plan on driving to Waterloo, please contact Stephanie Mohl for parking options.

If you are an invited speaker or an invited participant to this event, Perimeter Institute staff will contact you directly to coordinate hotel accommodations on your behalf.

For students accepted into the summer school:

Perimeter Institute has reserved a limited number of rooms at Wilfrid Laurier University. The location of the residence is Waterloo College Hall at 88 Seagram Drive.  This is approxiamtely a 10 minute walk to the institute.  The residence is air-conditioned and offers private bedrooms with a semi-private washroom. Each bedroom contains a single bed, sink, desk and closet unit. There are lounges on the floor with a fridge, stove, television and microwave. The rate is $43.00/night and includes a hot breakfast, parking and wifi.

Students are responsible for contacting the university directly to make their own reservations.

To make a reservation, please email with the following information:

Phone Number:
Email Address:
Arrival Date:
Departure Date:
Dietary Requirements:


Scientific Organizers:

  • Patrick Hayden, Stanford University
  • Matthew Headrick, Brandeis University
  • Alexander Maloney, McGill University
  • Donald Marolf, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Robert Myers, Perimeter Institute
  • Mark Van Raamsdonk, University of British Columbia
  • Beni Yoshida, Perimeter Institute