4th PI/UT/CITA Workshop (CIAR Cosmology & Gravity Focus Group)

Conference Date: 
Thursday, May 13, 2004 (All day)


This mini-workshop will be the next of an ongoing series of one-day meetings between researchers at Perimeter, CITA and University of Toronto. These meetings are held to share new ideas and encourage interactions in our common fields of interest: superstrings, cosmology, particle theory and quantum gravity.


The meeting will be held at the Perimeter Institute on Thursday May 13. As usual, the format of the meeting will be a series of short 30-minute talks to seed informal discussion. The seminars will start at 11am in the PI seminar room.


  • Jerome Gauntlett (Imperial/Perimeter):Classifying Supergravity Solutions
  • Melanie Becker (Maryland): De Sitter Space and Heterotic M-Theory
  • Eva Silverstein (Stanford): DBI in the Sky
  • Robert Caldwell (Dartmouth): Modeling Dark Energy
  • Robert Brandenberger (Brown/McGill/Perimeter): Dynamical Relaxation of the Cosmological Constant from Gravitational Back-Reaction
  • Panel Discussion on String Cosmology Convenors: Dick Bond, Lev Kofman and Rob Myers