Remember when you were little – how you’d spend hours exploring a stream or taking apart a flashlight? Perimeter researchers never stopped playing or asking questions. That’s what made them world leaders in physics. They know science is not a series of facts, but an ever-changing way of understanding our universe. Join in the discovery process: Perimeter’s Outreach programs, DVDs, online resources, contests, and exciting summer programs are designed to help you think about how our universe works. Perimeter offers students an unparalleled opportunity to learn, wonder and ask questions of leading researchers, and together develop new ways of understanding reality. Check out the unique resources and programs available free of charge. 


Perimeter Institute student programs include a unique physics summer school program for senior high school students and a $1,000 annual award presented to a Canadian student who demonstrates high academic performance, interest in science, extra-curricular activities, and volunteering – and has begun post-secondary education in Physical Sciences at a Canadian university. | more |


The Virtual ISSYP is intended for students, teachers and anyone interested in learning more about the wonders of modern physics and the excitement of research and discovery at the frontiers of knowledge. | more |


Learn physics through video and games. | more |


From time to time, Perimeter Institute posts contests to challenge Canadian high school students to share their passion about science. | more |

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